Cardboard Boxes Product Mockup

Cardboard Boxes Product Mockup
Its key feature is the customizable cards design via smart objects.

The Cardboard Boxes Product Mockup offers a simple and easily customizable tool for showcasing your designs. It offers a 4K resolution, providing extremely detailed and high-quality images. With a resolution of 4000p x 2800p at 300DPI, your designs will be presented in the best possible light.

This versatile mockup is fitted for multiple design purposes. Its key feature is the customizable cards design via smart objects. This allows you to effortlessly replace and showcase your own designs in a realistic setting. Another outstanding feature is the customizable paper color, giving you full control of the overall aesthetic of your presentation.

The ease of use is one other feature that makes this product mockup stand out. It's an organized and named layers format, and a layered Photoshop file/PSD mockup. Thus the whole process of editing and viewing your designs becomes incredibly straightforward.

Details & Features

  • 4K resolution product mockup
  • Image Resolution: 4000p x 2800p 300DPI
  • Customizable cards design via smart objects
  • Customizable paper color
  • Easy to use: Organized and named layers
  • Layered Photoshop Files (PSD) Mockup

Why We Like It

With its high resolution, practical features, and ease of use, we can't help but recommend the Cardboard Boxes Product Mockup. It's an invaluable tool for designers looking to showcase their work effectively and realistically. Moreover, the level of customization it allows ensures each presentation feels unique and tailored.