Carosello Font

Carosello Font
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The glyphs have been meticulously styled to remain true to the script fonts of the era.

Carosello Font, a vintage-inspired typeface, was created to mimic the look and feel of classic mid-century ads, and has the unique characteristic of having been designed with an actual Sharpie marker. This results in an authentic, gritty texture that beautifully encapsulates the flaws and imperfections commonly found in handwritten fonts of the 1950s era. Characteristic of car logos of that time period, Carosello adds a raw, nostalgic touch to any design layout.

Introduced by Unio, Carosello reflects the charm and style of mid-20th century typography. The glyphs have been meticulously styled to remain true to the script fonts of the era. The versatility of this handmade font lets you create stunning 1950s style quotes, inspirational phrases and various vintage designs, all in a few seconds, giving your work a variety and depth.

The exclusive version of Carosello available on Envato Elements comes with corrected kerning and glyph fixes. The font comes in .otf and .ttf formats, enabling its use across a variety of platforms.

Details & Features

  • Mid-century inspired typeface
  • Authentic, handcrafted texture
  • Adaptable for vintage and modern designs
  • Improved kerning
  • Inclusive of glyph corrections
  • Available in .otf and .ttf formats
  • Presented by Unio

Why We Like It

Carosello Font brings a nuanced blend of sophistication and rawness that can turn any design layout into a piece of art. Its versatile style, true-to-era glyphs, and imperfections create an immediate sense of nostalgia. We highly recommend it for those keen on capturing the quintessential vintage spirit in their designs.