Closeup Postcard Mockup Template

It's an effortless way to showcase your creations.

Our Closeup Postcard Mockup Template affords you the opportunity to frame your design in a striking, geometrically inspired format. Every edge, every detail of your work springs to life in a series of exhilarating close-ups, allowing for an engaging display that focuses solely on your postcard's design. This meticulously organized PSD file is loaded with smart objects, providing an impeccable organization that is readily customizable.

Apt for presenting your artwork for promotions or presentations, size is not a limiting factor. This Closeup Postcard Mockup Template is designed with practical dimensions of 7x5 inches. Its realistic rendering function is supported by a Photoshop file which features a smart-object, simplifying the process of replacing the existing image with your design. It's an effortless way to showcase your creations.

Being user-friendly, it is designed with an aim to benefit everyone - whether seasoned professional or newbie. This PSD file sports brilliant specifications like 72 DPI, and dimensions of 4000 x 2667 pixels. Each object is separately layered and well-labeled making for an efficient user experience. It also includes customizable background textures and colors further enhancing the realism of the mockup.

Details & Features

  • Single PSD File
  • 72 DPI, 4000x2667 Pixels
  • Smart Object Feature; 7x5 inches
  • Layered and Well Named
  • Separated Objects
  • Customizable Background Texture or Color
  • Included Help File

Why We Like It

This mockup template is fantastic for any designer looking to showcase their work with finesse and professional clarity. Its versatility, customizable features, and realistic rendering make it an invaluable tool you shouldn't miss out on! Plus, its user-friendly design makes it accessible to everyone, irrespective of their level of expertise.