Cloud Text Photoshop Action

Cloud Text Photoshop Action
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Moreover, you have ample choice when it comes to fonts.

The Cloud Text Photoshop Action offers a unique and effective way to display text in your images. With one simple click, the action transforms your chosen text into what appears to be skywriting. It's an ideal tool for capturing attention with romantic declarations, greetings or distinct congratulations in your photos and graphics.

The Cloud Text Photoshop Action is remarkably easy to use, so you'll be creating sky-written text in no time. It comes with a variety of templates in differing sizes, from small to large, allowing you to adapt according to your design needs. The process is enhanced by the included sand brushes file, along with a helpful instruction guide to ensure a smooth operation.

Moreover, you have ample choice when it comes to fonts. The preview showcases the elegant Dancing Script from Google, the beautiful curve of the Athalia Script, the upward skirting Heavenly font, or the grandeur of the Glitter font from Dafont — all of which add a unique touch to your text.

Details & Features

  • One click action
  • ANT File – action file
  • ABR File – sand brushes file
  • PDF – Help file with instructions and fonts links
  • 3 PSD Templates in small, medium, and large sizes
  • 4 Font styles to choose from
  • Easy to get started with pre-prepared PSD templates

Why We Like It

The versatility and ease-of-use of the Cloud Text Photoshop Action make it a tool we can confidently recommend. Whether you're creating something personal or for business, its flexibility and creative results can add a touch of whimsy or attention-grabbing impact to your design. Plus, who doesn't love a bit of skywriting for a surprise reveal or declaration of affection?