Colorful Modern Art Photoshop Action

This tutorial elaborates on how to set up and efficiently use your Photoshop files.

The Colorful Modern Art Photoshop Action is a versatile tool for any digital artist seeking to make experimentation with color and form a breeze. This Photoshop action facilitates the design of vibrant modern art pieces, making use of over forty preset color options and a variety of visual elements. It is compatible with versions CS3 and onwards.

The action is user-friendly and versatile, enabling transformation of any photograph into a work of modern art with just a few clicks. It works exceptionally well with images of figures and models, creating compositions that are well-layered and open to a broad range of effects and modifications. Also, the inclusion of a hefty number of color presets and design elements ensures a high degree of customization.

While the action is designed to be simple to use, it also comes with a comprehensive ‘Help.pdf’ file, complete with a link to a video tutorial. This tutorial elaborates on how to set up and efficiently use your Photoshop files. It also delves into more advanced effect customization techniques after the application of the effect.

Details & Features

  • Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and onwards
  • Transforms photos into colorful modern art
  • Includes over 40 color presets
  • Final composition is fully layered for further effects and customization
  • Includes ‘Help.pdf’ with link to video tutorial for setup and effect customization
  • Tested and working on various versions of Photoshop
  • Works best with images 2500px – 3500px high/wide and 300 dpi resolution

Why We Like It

We love the Colorful Modern Art Photoshop Action for its versatility, ease of use, and the stunning modern art designs it creates. Its extensive customization features make it a useful tool for beginners and experienced digital artists alike. The comprehensive guide and video tutorial further enhance its usability – simplifying complex processes for optimum results.