Creative Brand Business Card Template

Creative Brand Business Card Template
Its minimalist design ensures its style remains trendy.

Designed to make your creative brand or agency stand out, the Creative Brand Business Card Template is packed with features enabling customization and professionalism. An organized, fully editable PSD format allows you to personalize the already stylish design further to fit your brand's unique identity. It's a practical tool with an appealing aesthetic that promises to set your business apart.

With suitability for any business type, the template offers versatility. Its minimalist design ensures its style remains trendy. Available in a PSD format that includes both front and back designs, the template provides comprehensive resources for your business card needs. Adobe Photoshop allows you to alter any text or color to suit your preferences, promoting complete control over your card's final look.

Moreover, this template goes beyond just a design. It assures high quality through its high resolution and precise printing size, promising crisp, clear cards that bolster your brand's image. The user-friendly organization and inclusive of free fonts escalate the value of this template, simplifying the process while elevating the outcome.

Details & Features

  • Fully Editable Template
  • Easily Edit Colors & Text
  • Organized Groups / Layers / Names
  • C.M.Y.K. Colors
  • 300 DPI Resolution
  • Print Size 3.5" x 2" (Bleed size 3.75" x 2.25")
  • Free Font Used (Link Included)

Why We Like It

We recommend the Creative Brand Business Card Template for its high levels of customization, sleek design and user-friendly features. It doesn't just provide a design, but a complete, cost-effective solution to brand marketing. With a commitment to quality and an understanding of modern trends, this template embodies professional and creative ingenuity.