Dark City Color LUTs for Film

The Dark City Color LUTs for Film offers a cinematic touch to your film projects.

The Dark City Color LUTs for Film offers a cinematic touch to your film projects. It is created for filmmakers who aim to convey captivating urban narratives through a lens of darkness and depth. Whether it's cityscapes or bustling streets, these LUTs contribute to emulating a unique, murky atmosphere within your videos.

Unleash your creativity with this varied pack, consisting of 20 distinct Dark City LUTs and an additional 42 "Log to Rec 709" LUTs. They are versatile to use, whether you're working on theatrical films, high-resolution TV shows, social media clips, or presentations. The ability to simply drag-and-drop or import the presets on your videos makes it an exceedingly user-friendly product.

The Dark City LUTs lend an uncanny artistry to your work, elevating it to a new level of stylistic modernity. The color grading infuses your films, openers, photos, and documentaries with a semblance of edgy boldness and sophistication. Plus, these LUTs work flawlessly regardless of the video quality or resolution, making it a super adaptable tool for all filmmakers.

Details & Features

  • 20 exclusive Dark City LUTs.
  • 42 additional "Log to Rec 709" LUTs.
  • Easy to import and apply.
  • Works with any resolution.
  • Perfect for films, social videos, and presentations.
  • Creates modern and stylish effects.
  • Transformative for urban and outdoor videos.

Why We Like It

We recommend the Dark City Color LUTs for its unrivaled ability to transform ordinary cityscapes into dramatic, cinematic scenes. The diverse range of 62 LUTs, user-friendly operation, and compatibility with any resolution makes this a versatile toolbox ideal for all filmmakers. Its sophistication and gritty appeal will unquestionably enrich your creative storytelling.