Delicate Art Deco Vector Patterns

Let your design work come to life with a classic touch.

Infuse sophistication into your next design project with Delicate Art Deco Vector Patterns. Capturing the ornate and historical charm of the 1920s, this collection reverberates with rich, golden monoline art. From standalone prints or complimenting pieces, its versatility ensures it will enhance the look and feel of your work, while respecting the elegance of the Art Deco movement.

Including over 30 unique patterns, this compendium is a gem for designers. Files are provided in both EPS and AI formats, each being tileable for seamless integration into any backdrop. Carefully crafted to cater for varying design nuances, each pattern can be differentiated at the stroke level, giving complete creative control over the final product.

Giving your projects a touch of the past with a modern twist is simple with these Art deco design assets. These patterns are compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and any newer CC versions. All patterns are transparent, allowing easy overlay onto any background and can be effortlessly customised using the provided global swatches.

Details & Features

  • Collection of 30 unique, Art Deco-inspired vector patterns
  • Provided in both EPS and AI formats
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and later CC versions
  • Patterns are transparent for easy overlay on any background
  • Patterns are tileable for seamless backgrounds
  • Editable stroke width within Adobe Illustrator
  • Instant and effortless color changes with global swatches

Why We Like It

We highly recommend Delicate Art Deco Vector Patterns for their timeless elegance. The collection captures the grandeur of the Art Deco era and translates it into digital format. Designers will appreciate the versatility of tileable patterns, while the editable stroke width and color options allow for fine-tuned customization. Let your design work come to life with a classic touch.