Elegant Wedding Invitation Template

Elegant Wedding Invitation Template
The simplicity of this template doesn't compromise its versatility.

Capturing the essence of refinement and sophistication, this Elegant Wedding Invitation Template is your key to transport your guests into a realm of elegance and grace. Inspired by the highest echelons of style, it offers a lavish design that speaks volumes about your eye for quality. This template provides an invitation design in two unique styles, keeping room for variety.

This stunning template is not merely visually appealing but empowers you with its adaptable customization. It's fully compatible with photoshop, providing the excellent opportunity to mold it according to your personal taste and the unique theme of your wedding.

The simplicity of this template doesn't compromise its versatility. As it is designed for a 5x7 print size, it has a grand yet chic appearance. With a high-resolution output of 300 DPI and CMYK color model, it guarantees perfect print readiness, providing impeccable sharpness and vibrancy of colors.

Details & Features

  • Stylish wedding invitation design in two varieties
  • Full compatibility with photoshop for easy customization
  • Grand 5x7 print size
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • A precise CMYK color model for vibrant print output
  • 3mm bleed for a professional look
  • Fonts link attached with main file for a seamless experience

Why We Like It

This Elegant Wedding Invitation Template brings together sophistication and user-friendliness in a rare blend. Its versatility coupled with the promise of high-quality output makes it an ideal pick. We appreciate its adaptability allowing customization, resonating with the uniqueness of every couple's love story.