Enyo Slab Font

Enyo Slab Font
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Enyo is a handwritten slab font that will add an informal and personal touch to your designs. The font is particularly well-suited for designing kid’s themed posters, or for creating a poster design with a feminine touch.

The font offers a wide range of OpenType features, such as ligatures, alternates, small caps, scientific superior/inferior figures, oldstyle figures, fractions, slashed zero, and kerning. This allows for a greater level of flexibility and customization when designing.

One of the key features of Enyo is its large glyph coverage, which supports at least 133 languages, including Cyrillic and Greek alphabets.

Features of This Font

  • 3 weights available
  • OpenType features included
  • Tons of glyphs
  • Cyrillic & Greek alphabets

Why We Like It

Enyo is an excellent font for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their designs. Its wide range of OpenType features, large glyph coverage, and informal style make it a versatile and useful font for any designer.