Falling Booklet Mockup Template

Falling Booklet Mockup Template
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Up your marketing game with our Falling Booklet Mockup Template.

Up your marketing game with our Falling Booklet Mockup Template. Made up of 12 high-resolution mockup layouts, it's perfect for showcasing a variety of designs. Watch as your booklets descend from the sky in a captivating cascade, against a backdrop that you can customize to fit your brand's aesthetic.

A standout for versatility, this template features movable shapes, allowing you to manipulate depth and perspective easily. Its advanced shadow control settings will enable you to dial in the exact lighting to highlight the features of your booklet. Plus, it's all in PSD format, meaning you have special layers and smart objects at your disposal.

This template goes beyond just standard layouts; it offers the ability to control appearance right down to the finer details. Want to add a touch of luxury? Play around with the template's foil stamping option, offering unlimited colors to choose from. Make your booklet stand out in an engaging and visually striking manner.

Details & Features

  • Smart objects for easy design application
  • 12 pre-made PSD files
  • High resolution (3000x2000 pixel)
  • Foil stamping with unlimited color options
  • Advanced shadow control
  • Customizable background
  • Fully separated and movable objects
  • Organized layers and folders

Why We Like It

We have a soft spot for this Falling Booklet Mockup Template due to its combination of functionality and creativity. The layout flexibility, customizability, and powerful design control present almost limitless possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, this tool will add a fresh, dynamic element to your marketing plan.