Fishercat Font


Fishercat is an incredibly stylish and unique handwritten font that combines the perfect balance of bold and slant strokes to create a playful and comic-like vibe. The font boasts fun characters and a variety of ligatures that make it ideal for creative projects. Whether you’re designing a logo, creating social media content, or even crafting book titles, Fishercat font is an excellent choice to give your work a bit of extra creativity and flair.

The font supports more than 100 languages, making it a great choice for multilingual projects. Additionally, its bold strokes make it ideal for short text, while its unique character and ligatures make it suitable for long text letters. It works well as a secondary text font when paired with sans or serif fonts.

Features of This Font

  • OTF/TTF formats
  • Uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, & punctuation
  • Normal spacing
  • Multilingual support
  • Simple installation

Why We Like It

Its versatility and support for multiple languages make it a great option for a wide range of creative projects. So, whether you’re working on a social media campaign or designing a book cover, Fishercat can be used for adding a touch of creativity and fun to your work