Focus Grotesk Font

Focus Grotesk Font
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Upon request, an outline version will also be made available.

Focus Grotesk Font is an asset that brings a blend of clean lines and geometric harmony to your design projects. Whether you're creating minimalist print designs or intriguing digital titles, this font family’s five different weights and additional five italic versions give you a versatile tool to work with. The balance of simplicity and design precision ensures your text stands out, aligned seamlessly with your overall design concept.

Suitably named, Focus Grotesk speaks volumes to its autenthicity as a geometric Sans-Serif typeface. Whether you're targeting body text or headlines, this typeface proves itself to be a perfect candidate. With potential applications ranging from print and web content, to logo designs, marketing graphics, and overall branding, Focus Grotesk's adaptability is unmatchable. Being handcrafted from geometric shapes, and having undergone extensive kerning attest to its uniqueness and standard of design quality.

Offering you a pack of 10 different fonts, the Focus Grotesk Font pack incorporates a range of weights from thin to heavy in both standard and italic versions. Upon request, an outline version will also be made available. This collection includes OTF, TTF and web fonts thus, enhancing its compatibility and usability across different formats.

Details & Features

  • Geometric Sans-Serif typeface
  • 10 different fonts included
  • 5 weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Heavy)
  • 5 weights of Italic versions
  • Outline version available on request
  • Included: OTF, TTF and Web Fonts such as EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF
  • Extensively kerned for design precision

Why We Like It

Focus Grotesk Font is impressively versatile and caters to a myriad of design needs. With a combination of geometric simplicity, array of weights and formats, provision for request-based customization and extensive kerning, it propels creativity while maintaining professionalism. This font family can uniquely enrich an assortment of design themes and deliver an undeniably modern look.