Furiosa Font

Furiosa Font
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Furiosa is a unique and powerful font that is perfect for use in an apocalypse setting. The font is inspired by the iconic character of Furiosa from the popular film Mad Max: Fury Road, and it captures the fierce and determined look of the character perfectly.

The font includes 300 different glyphs, and it comes in both Park and Drive typeface styles. This means that you have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to creating your “Get off my lawn” sign or any other type of design you might need.

Features of This Font

  • 300 glyphs
  • Geometric design
  • Uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, & punctuation
  • Available in 2 styles – Park & Drive
  • Multilingual support
  • Lifetime kerning fixes

Why We Like It

Furiosa is a great geometric font choice for anyone looking to create a powerful and unique design in an apocalypse setting. Whether you’re creating a sign to protect your compound from raiders or designing a poster for a post-apocalyptic film, this font is sure to help you make a statement.