Garage Sale Flyer Template Set

Garage Sale Flyer Template Set
It's an excellent tool for anyone planning a garage sale!

Get ready to spread the word about your next garage sale with our versatile Garage Sale Flyer Template Set. With this kit, you'll receive an A4 flyer template that's perfect for distributing physical notices around your community. Plus, you'll gain access to matching Instagram story and post templates, perfect for capitalizing on the power of social media and reaching a wider audience. All templates are fully customizable and accessible in AI and PSD file formats for your utmost convenience.

Moving onto a garage sale is oftentimes a group event such as a neighborhood collaboration or a fundraising initiative. This makes it all the more necessary to have an easy way to spread the word. The inclusion of Instagram story and post templates is a major bonus, as it directly caters to the increasing role of social media in event promotion. With these accessible, easy-to-use templates, you can leverage the popularity of platforms like Instagram to make your event a palpable buzz.

Another benefit of the Garage Sale Flyer Template Set is that it's compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This means you can tailor each template to perfectly match the style of your event. Whether you’re a design newbie or an experienced pro, the customization process is plain sailing, giving you full control over how your promotional materials look.

Details & Features

  • A4 Flyer Template for physical promotion.
  • Instagram story and post templates for wider audience reach.
  • Fully customizable - from text to images.
  • Separate layers for text, images, and graphics to streamline customization process.
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC and Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6.
  • Artboard sizes: Flyer - 8,27x11,69 in; Insta Post - 1080x1080px; Insta Story - 1080x1920px.

Why We Like It

We love the Garage Sale Flyer Template Set for its adaptability and ease of customization. Its ability to cater to both physical and digital promotions means you're able to reach a wider audience effectively. Plus, its compatibility with popular design software makes it a breeze to tailor the templates to your specific needs. It's an excellent tool for anyone planning a garage sale!