Grodna Font

Grodna Font

Grodna is a font that exudes sophistication and style, drawing inspiration from the art deco posters and storefront signs of the early 1900s.

Its tall and condensed letterforms boast sharp brackets and short arms that are slightly curved, giving it a distinctive look. The bars of the letters are at a rising angle from left to right, and it has a straight spine with sharp 90-degree turns, adding to its unique appearance. The weight of the lines is consistent throughout the font, making it a clean and elegant typeface.

The Grodna font comes with a regular OTF file that includes 36 letters, 26 standard and 10 with accent. Additionally, it includes numbers 0-9 and alternate characters, and 27 glyphs.

Features of This Font

  • OTF file format
  • 36 letters (26 standard + 10 with accent)
  • 0-9 numbers
  • Alternate characters
  • 27 glyphs

Why We Like It

Grodna is a great choice for designers looking for a unique and stylish font that is inspired by the Art Deco era. It is perfect for creating elegant and sophisticated designs for posters, storefront signs, and other design projects. With its clean and minimal aspect, it makes a good addition to any designer’s toolkit.