Hamilton SVG Font Collection

Hamilton SVG Font Collection
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These are copies of the original fonts but do not feature the SVG textures.

Meet the Hamilton SVG Font Collection - an array of serif, sans serif, and script fonts with a unique finish. Offering an eclectic mix of texture and depth, each font was painstakingly crafted with a splash of inspiration from vintage maps, wine, and whisky labels, culminating in a rich and classy element perfect for a wide range of uses.

The Hamilton collection is tailored to current design technology, optimized for use in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or newer versions. However, the collection also includes versatile TTF fonts that work across all platforms, thus widening its accessibility scope.

A standout feature within this collection are the painted series fonts. These are copies of the original fonts but do not feature the SVG textures. Also included is a high-resolution PSD file housing all the available glyphs, making it convenient for users without access to Adobe CC to still use SVG fonts.

Details & Features

  • Hamilton Serif SVG - comprises alternate uppercase and lowercase glyphs.
  • Hamilton Script SVG - a classic script font that brims with sophistication.
  • Hamilton Sans SVG - a perfect compact sans font with an all-caps glyph variant.
  • Hamilton Painted Series - non-SVG font copies that require no specific software.
  • Hamilton Collection PSD File - High-resolution file with readily available glyphs.
  • Opentype SVG Fonts - These allow for more detail incorporation in the design.
  • TTF Fonts - Universally functional to give an extensive user experience.

Why We Like It

The Hamilton SVG Font Collection stands out for its versatility and accessibility. It appeals to a wide range of audiences by pairing sophistication with artistic detail. Furthermore, its compatibility with a variety of platforms, thanks to the inclusion of TTF fonts and a PSD file, make it a recommendable choice for any design project.