Helios Typeface

Helios Typeface
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Second alternate image for Helios Typeface
Further adding to its appeal is its versatility.

The allure of the Helios Typeface lies in its ability to instantly transport the viewer into the realm of the celestial and the edge of the mysterious. The inspiration drawn from Alien movies manifests itself in the unique design and the touch of eeriness in every letter. This all-caps font's rounded and sharp corner features give it a distinct and forward-thinking appearance.

Further adding to its appeal is its versatility. Helios Typeface comes loaded with a range of alternate letters, opening up a myriad of opportunities for designers to play around and design strikingly attractive compositions. Helios works brilliantly whether it's being used for a standout headline, an impactful title, or a design element that makes heads turn.

The benefits of the Helios Typeface don't end here. This product also includes a web font version that ensures flawless integration across various digital platforms thus providing uniformity in online representations.

Details & Features

  • Character set includes uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks
  • Comes in three styles - Regular and rounded
  • Inclusive of alternate letters for additional design options
  • Webfont version for ease of digital use
  • Aesthetics inspired by space and sci-fi genre
  • Stellar choice for headlines, titles and eye-catching design parts

Why We Like It

There is much to appreciate in the Helios Typeface. Its uniqly distinctive features, melding round and sharp corners and alternate letters, provide a smorgasbord of opportunities for creativity. The font exploits its peculiar style to give off an eerie, space horror aura, making it a perfect pick for projects looking to evoke mystery and extraterrestrial fascination in their audience. The included webfont version is an added bonus for seamless digital application.