Helmswald Post Font

Helmswald Post Font
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It includes Romanized Capitals and alternates using the stylistic sets.

The Helmswald Post Font is a distinguished Blackletter that is heavily inspired by the emblematic logo of The Washington Post. Its evolution had spanned over several years, initiated after the creation of Enchanted Land. The result was a medieval script teeming with a modern ambiance that makes it an adaptable asset to various design projects.

The font’s sophisticated design is a collage of elements drawn from a range of letters and historical periods. Intricate, wispy terminals, dramatic caps, and strategic negative spacing have been harmoniously combined to form a striking monotype display. Moreover, it houses a comprehensive set containing basic Latin, extended Latin, punctuation, ligatures, European accents, diacritics, alternates, and the rarely offered Cyrillic characters.

Helmswald Post Font is not restricted to English and is a unique asset offering Cyrillic characters, allowing it to be used in Russian, Ukrainian, or Macedonian contexts. It includes Romanized Capitals and alternates using the stylistic sets. Even old world numerals may be substituted via the stylistic sets, extending its versatility.

Details & Features

  • Blackletter Font
  • Inspired by The Washington Post logo
  • Negative space to create contrast
  • Includes basic latin, extended latin, and punctuation
  • Offers ligatures, European accents, and diacritics
  • Uniquely contains Cyrillic characters
  • Features Romanized Capitals and old world numerals

Why We Like It

The Helmswald Post Font thrills us with its meld of historical character and modern edge, making it a versatile tool in design projects. We particularly love the rare provision of Cyrillic characters, making it a unique treasure in the sea of Blackletter fonts. This font, with its myriad creative possibilities, definitely merits a recommendation.