Herald Font

Herald Font
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We love its adaptability and, indeed, its charm.

Herald Font is an artful nod to the innovative typography of the Mid-Century period, embodying a playful yet sophisticated aura that enriches the content it embellishes. Unlike your average serif, Herald betrays a quirky handmade touch, while retaining smart, clear-cut edges. This tastefully restless typeface carries an authentic hint of nostalgia.

The vibrancy of Herald font lies in its dynamic baselines, wherein every character borrows a distinct footprint. This thoughtful variation amongst each letter brings to life a spirited dance of typography; it seems as if the letters are imitating life - moving, jumping, gamboling, all whilst staying in perfect harmony. This technique brings a delightful unpredictability to the design.

Herald’s geometrical design coupled with a bouncy baseline forges an atmosphere of spirited amusement. Unfaltering in its ability to adapt, it can encapsulate a range of atmospheres, traversing from serious to light hearted, mystical to chilled and all the vibes in between. With Herald, your design takes a deep breath, relaxes and enjoys the ride.

Details & Features

  • Geometrical bouncy serif design
  • Distinct dynamic baselines for each character
  • Handmade aesthetic with clear edges
  • Adaptable to various design atmospheres
  • Mid-century inspired typography
  • Perfect for invitations, print work and media content

Why We Like It

The Herald Font dazzles with an artistic blend of nostalgia and modernity. It’s the fine delicate balance of measured playfulness, striking geometry and the unpredictable movement in the baseline that sets it apart. It is not just typeface; it’s poetry in motion, bringing soul and personality to design. We love its adaptability and, indeed, its charm.