Hiany Lau Font

Hiany Lau Font
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We're confident you'll be as smitten with it as we are.

Presenting Hiany Lau, a font inspired by the elegance of traditional Chinese character style. It's an enchanting asset that flawlessly complements any Asian theme of design & promotion. Adding an airy touch of the orient, it's an excellent tool to breathe new life into your designs.

Exhibiting versatility, the font can be employed for branding, logos, invitations, stationery, social media posts, product packaging or for creating engaging merchandise. Its splash of whimsy also makes a striking impact in blog design, game titles, and cute style design. Not to mention, it gives a unique spin to a book or cover title.

With Hiany Lau, you receive both .otf and .ttf versions. The bonus? It supports multiple languages, broadening the horizons for your global designs. The folks at Attype Studio are delighted to offer you this font and they trust you'll enjoy using it as much as they've enjoyed creating it.

Details & Features

  • Inspired by Chinese character style
  • Perfect for various design purposes
  • Great for branding, logos, invitations, and more
  • Comes in .otf and .ttf versions
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Ideal for cute style designs and game titles
  • Excellent for book or cover titles

Why We Like It

Hiany Lau font offers an exquisite blend of character and versatility. It delicately balances elegance with whimsical charm, making it a must-have for any designer. From social media posts to game titles, Hiany Lau adds an extra dash of creative flair wherever it's used. We're confident you'll be as smitten with it as we are.