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Hippies Crew Font
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Introducing a taste of the groovy past with the Hippies Crew Font.

Introducing a taste of the groovy past with the Hippies Crew Font. This retro-flavored design asset especially seeks to infuse your ideas with an authentically radiant vibe. Its unique handwritten characters are the perfect tool to capture an authentic, vintage feel in any of your creative pursuits.

The Hippies Crew Font boldly stands out in branding projects, logo designs, advertisements, media posts and product packaging to name a few. Whether it's a watermark, an invitation or stationery, this font ensures a charming handwritten touch that's delightfully distinguishable yet relatable. Imagine a wedding that oozes nostalgia, or photography labels that echo with a time-worn aesthetic; all achievable with this characterful typeface.

But it's not just its aesthetics that make the Hippies Crew Font worthwhile; it also excels in functionality. Perfectly equipped to adapt to either the Mac or Windows operating systems, this font supports a wide range of design applications such as photoshop, illustrator and more.

Details & Features

  • OTF & TTF Formats Supported
  • Both Uppercase & Lowercase Characters Available
  • Multilingual Support
  • Inclusion of Numbers and Symbols
  • Punctuation Support
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows OS
  • Supports various design applications

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Hippies Crew Font for its unparalleled vintage charm coupled with its easy functionality. It injects a distinct retro vibe into any design and manages to be both unique yet familiar. With multilingual support and a range of available characters, this font is as diverse as it is aesthetically pleasing. It's both a statement and a tool, making it a must-have for all creators.