Home Kit Deluxe Edition

Home Kit Deluxe Edition
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Plus, it's user-friendly and incredibly versatile—perfect for all skill levels.

The Home Kit Deluxe Edition elevates your real estate photos to new depths by offering a selection of classy Instagram-inspired Lightroom presets. Crafted to embrace the moody aesthetics of the famous social media platform, these filters give your real estate imagery a dash of captivating allure. Their flexibility allows you to shape every photo's finished look with your unique touch.

At heart, the Deluxe Edition advances your photo editing creativity by handing you the reins with ample areas for customization. Each preset varies in contrast saturation—giving you total control over your images' aesthetic outcomes. Whether you're jazzing up your property shots or adding character to an otherwise humdrum backdrop, this deluxe kit has you covered.

In addition to the inclusions, this collection features a bundle of added tools for amateurs to professionals alike. Suitable for mobile photography or professional camera shoots, they come with five presets for mobile Lightroom and five for PC Lightroom. Also included are XMP and DNG files and a helpful PDF on how to install and use the presets.

Details & Features

  • Moody, Instagram-inspired Lightroom presets
  • Flexible, adjustable filters for a customizable look
  • Suitable for mobile or professional camera photography
  • Five presets specifically for mobile Lightroom
  • Five presets tailored for PC Lightroom
  • Inclusions of XMP and DNG files
  • Comprehensive PDF guide for installation and usage

Why We Like It

Here's why we're excited about the Home Kit Deluxe Edition: it endows your pictures with a unique artistic overlay reminiscent of Instagram aesthetics. Whether you're a property dealer, a photo enthusiast or a professional photographer, this kit helps you stand out by ensuring every image has your signature style. Plus, it's user-friendly and incredibly versatile—perfect for all skill levels.