Houston Business Font

Houston Business Font
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Houston is a beautiful font combination that includes both a serif and a script font. The font comes in all caps, which gives it a classic and elegant look, while the Houston script font comes in four variations: regular, light, slant, and light slant. The script font’s variations make it versatile and easy to use for a variety of design projects, from wedding invitations to business presentations.

The serif font’s clean lines and bold all-caps create a professional and sophisticated look, while the script font’s variations add a touch of personality and creativity to any design. The combination of the two fonts creates a harmonious balance that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to read.

Features of This Font

  • OTF format
  • Four styles – regular, light, slant, & light slant
  • Standard English characters, numerals, & punctuation
  • Multilingual support
  • PUA encoded characters

Why We Like It

Aside from the elegant and versatile font combination that Houston offers, we love that it’s designed to make any project easy and classy. This font not only saves time but also ensures that the finished product looks professional and polished. Its versatility and balance make it an ideal choice for designers who want to create a variety of projects without having to switch between different fonts.