Howard Condensed Font

Howard Condensed Font
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The font comes in two equally attractive versions- Regular and italic.

Designed by the innovative Kulokale Studio, Howard is an ultra-condensed serif font that redefines modern elegance in typography. The font comes in two equally attractive versions- Regular and italic. Howard excels in bringing a refined aesthetic to titles, headlines, and advertising endeavors without compromising readability.

The versatility of Howard as a font extends beyond headlines to incorporate other design elements. Its minimalist characteristic makes it an elegant choice for logos, name cards, magazine layouts, and invitations. The capability to scale up for larger artworks without losing its distinct charm is another appealing feature of this creative asset.

Perfect for the brand that desires a clean but impactful typographic statement, Howard offers an all caps style incorporating upper and lowercase characters, numerals, and an array of symbols. This attention to detail by Kulokale Studios, ensures Howard is a font that delivers beyond expectations.

Details & Features

  • Designed by Kulokale Studio
  • Two Versions: Regular and Italic
  • Best for Titles, Headlines, and Advertising
  • Perfect for Logos, Name Cards, and Magazine Layouts
  • Compatible with Design Software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Inkscape
  • Includes All Caps Style

Why We Like It

We love Howard because it brings an unmatched elegance into modern typography, without compromising on functionality. Its versatility across different styles and its compatibility with various designs make it a designer’s go-to font. Howard truly rises above the ordinary, delivering an impactful typographic statement every time.