iMac 2021 Mockups

iMac 2021 Mockups
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Immerse yourself in creativity with the iMac 2021 Mockups.

Immerse yourself in creativity with the iMac 2021 Mockups. This set of Photoshop mockups offers an indispensable asset for displaying your iMac designs from unique perspectives. The product constitutes an admirable choice for designers yearning to breathe life into designs via photorealistic outcomes.

The iMac 2021 Mockup facilitates the showcasing of the iMac from various angles, presenting a versatile approach to visual design. It is ideally suited for brands and comprises distinct layer sets for your convenience. The inclusion of a help file makes the utilization process straightforward and manageable for all users.

This Mockup offers an exquisite blend of simplicity and sophistication, promising high-resolution results with specifications of 4500×3000 px. Designed with Smart Objects in mind, the iMac 2021 Mockup guarantees a user-friendly experience while maintaining professional quality standards.

Details & Features

  • Comprises 5PSDs for diverse application
  • Offers high resolution: 4500×3000 px
  • Provides photorealistic results for tangible design realization
  • Equipped with Smart Objects for convenience
  • Inclusive of separate layer sets
  • A user-friendly help file is included

Why We Like It

We're impressed by the iMac 2021 Mockups for its versatility and user-friendly experience. It facilitates a realistic display of designs, aiding in tangible design realization. Furthermore, the high-resolution feature ensures impeccable standards, while the inclusion of a help file adds a simplistic note to the product.