Infrared VSCO Photoshop Actions

Infrared VSCO Photoshop Actions
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They works on both Mac & PC platforms, offering diverse flexibility.

Infrared VSCO Photoshop Actions are an exceptional toolkit designed to enhance and redefine your photography experience. The pack includes five distinct infrared actions, twelve film noir style presets, and a handy instruction file to guide you in maximizing the utilization of the provided effects. Notably, all these actions are non-destructive, thus ensuring the original image remains 100% intact after effects application.

These Premium Collections are the magic your Landscape, Wedding, fashion, and other photography themes have been yearning for, providing remarkable color presets that perfectly blend with your photos. This is the ultimate key to unlocking the essence of color in your images, meticulously designed by an award-winning photographer's team. The primary focus is to breathe life into your photos by amplifying their luxury.

Infrared VSCO Photoshop Actions transform your ordinary images into extraordinary masterpieces of visual art. They works on both Mac & PC platforms, offering diverse flexibility. The Premium Collections spells magic into your photos, what's more, their installation is a mere click away!

Details & Features

  • 5 Infrared Actions
  • 12 Film Noir Style Presets
  • Instruction File Included
  • Professional Visual Effect
  • Non-Destructive FX
  • Adjustable Effect
  • Compatible with Mac & PC
  • Easy 1 Click Installation

Why We Like It

We love the Infrared VSCO Photoshop Actions for its mastery in color transformations. The premium collection offers a perfect fusion of antique and contemporary photo effects, meticulously crafted by a team of top-notch professionals. Its non-destructive nature, flexibility, and ease of installation make it the go-to toolkit for any photographer.