Inky Goodness Photoshop Brushes

Inky Goodness Photoshop Brushes
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The Illustrator brushes feature 5 scatter brushes and 5 art brushes CS4+.

The Inky Goodness Photoshop Brushes bundle is a standout product for those keen on bringing original and artistic footprints to their digital works. The unique collection houses a wide variety of 61 brushes in 4 separate sets. Highlights include the realistic drip and drop brushes, the engrossing roller textures, and a series of distinctive brush stroke styles.

Creating the Inky Goodness Brush bundle was a tactile and physical process that blends the organic with the digital. The creative team kicked off this project in a bustling garage, using traditional paper and India ink. After a scanning party that transferred all textures to the digital realm, the collection was perfected and readied to bring its aesthetic offerings to the digital wilderness.

Then enters the eclectic assortment that makes up this bundle. The Photoshop brushes include 4 unique sets; drops, drips, rollers, to large-scale brush strokes. The Illustrator brushes feature 5 scatter brushes and 5 art brushes CS4+. Completing the package are 40 scanned ink textures, each meticulously captured at 600 dpi.

Details & Features

  • Includes 61 unique brushes
  • 4 distinct brush sets (drops, drips, rollers, large strokes)
  • Brush size range: 459 px to 2454 px
  • 5 scatter and 5 art brushes for Illustrator CS4+
  • 40 scanned ink textures at 600 dpi
  • Ready-to-use for both Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Inky designs with a fluid aesthetic

Why We Like It

We love the Inky Goodness Photoshop Brushes. The collection scores for depth, variety, and authenticity that it brings to digital design. A product of holistic creative process, it gives artists freedom to paint with digital ink, capturing the unfiltered, raw feel of traditional art tools. It's a must-have for anyone wanting to inject some grungy, inky goodness into their work.