iPad Pro Minimal Mockup

iPad Pro Minimal Mockup
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It allows you to edit, adjust and fine-tune every layer as you see fit.

The iPad Pro Minimal Mockup is an essential asset for all designers aiming to showcase their creativity. Offering a clean and sleek platform, this tool allows you to present your designs in a contemporary and professional manner. The high-quality mockup comes in an easy-to-edit format, providing you with an opportunity to engage your audience effortlessly.

This template comes equipped with 7 different mockup files each showcasing the device from various angles. As a designer, this gives you ample room to display your creativity from various perspectives. All the mockup files are available in a high-resolution of 5472 x 3648 pixel resolution PSD files, offering you utmost clarity in your design presentation.

With the iPad Pro Minimal Mockup, injecting your design into the device is a breeze, thanks to the easy edit feature. It's completely customizable, offering you the freedom to manipulate the design to match any particular aesthetic you are aiming for. It allows you to edit, adjust and fine-tune every layer as you see fit.

Details & Features

  • 7 Different PSD files
  • Detailed and customizable layers
  • Easy editing options
  • High resolution: 5472x3648px
  • Varied device angles for a diverse presentation
  • Smart Objects for photorealistic results
  • 1 x PDF readme and 7 PSD scenes ready for use

Why We Like It

The iPad Pro Minimal Mockup stands out for its simplicity, high resolution, and versatility. It offers diverse design options which is crucial to any designer looking to explore and showcase varied angles of their creativity. The easy-to-edit feature further seals the deal, by providing added ease and convenience. All these elements combine to make it an invaluable tool for professional presentations.