iPad Screen Mockup

iPad Screen Mockup
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It is an exceptionally resourceful pack, boasting 8 unique screen templates.

Unveil your dynamic app designs and interactive website layouts with this highly versatile iPad Screen Mockup. It is an exceptionally resourceful pack, boasting 8 unique screen templates. Each variant lets you showcase your designs from a distinct perspective, offering both variety and comprehensive showcase capabilities.

Thanks to the fully-layered setup and inclusion of smart objects, this template paves the way for swift and stress-free edits. It eliminates the need for long hours of painstaking adjustments, allowing you to finish your presentation in no time. The layered PSD files can be personalized to suit your exact needs.

The high resolution of 5472x3648px makes this iPad Screen Mockup an excellent choice for detailed presentations. The differing angles provide a true-to-life showcase of how your design would appear in real-world use. Using this tool, you can take your presentations to the next level and impress any potential clients.

Details & Features

  • 8 Different PSDs providing diverse display options
  • Fully customizable mock-ups with layered PSD-files for ease of use
  • High resolution of 5472x3648px for stunningly clear presentations
  • Different angles show your design in context
  • Smart Objects make editing simple and fast
  • 1 x PDF readme for additional guidance
  • 100% Photoshop, enabling in-depth customization

Why We Like It

An iPad Screen Mockup like this one is a designer's delight. It's user-friendly, offers multiple perspectives for your designs, and the high-resolution detail ensures any design displayed will look impressive. Its versatility and convenience - courtesy of its fully-customizable PSD files and Smart Objects - make this a highly recommended tool.