iPhone 8 Mockup

iPhone 8 Mockup
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It's an extremely user-friendly and versatile tool to have in your design arsenal.

Discover the versatility of the iPhone 8 Mockup with 4 device color options that let you customize according to your taste. This mockup gives you the capability to adjust elements such as the background, colors, shadows, and texture, making it an incredibly flexible tool in your design toolbox. It also includes editable fingerprints and a mesmerizing glowing effect to elevate your design to new heights.

Providing high-resolution output of 3800×2800px, this iPhone 8 Mockup is perfect for UI design, portfolios, showcases, header images, and banners. It's user-friendly with organized and named layers, meaning you can easily and quickly customize and navigate around. Each PSD file includes separate shadows for an added touch of realism and authenticity.

Taking customization to a new level, this mockup includes features such as a toggle for the glowing display and fingerprints. You can choose to either have these features on or off, depending on your design preference and needs. Each object in the mockup is moveable, a feature that gives you unlimited design variations and possibilities.

Details & Features

  • High Resolution of 3800×2800px
  • Changeable Display Design via Smart Objects
  • Changeable Background Texture & Color
  • Four Device Color Options
  • Glowing Display: Turn ON/OFF
  • Fingerprints: Turn ON/OFF
  • Easy to use with Organized and Named layers

Why We Like It

We love this iPhone 8 Mockup for its beautiful design, flexibility, and high resolution. The variety of device color options and the customization, from background to glowing effects, makes this an asset that can be adapted to any design need. It's an extremely user-friendly and versatile tool to have in your design arsenal.