iPhone XR Mockup PSD

iPhone XR Mockup PSD
Experience the beauty of customization with this stylish iPhone XR Mockup PSD.

Experience the beauty of customization with this stylish iPhone XR Mockup PSD. Designed with versatility in mind, it features the latest Apple handset in a dynamic perspective view, thus offering you the chance to showcase multiple screenshots in a single amazing image. This mockup further sets itself apart by being perfectly suited for website portfolio sections.

The customization extends to the PSD file as well. It is user-friendly, giving you the power to easily resize the device while maintaining its high resolution. What's more, you can easily replace the screen with your design, thanks to the smart objects embedded in this customizable mockup. Its overall simplicity and adaptability make it every designer's dream.

Despite its simplicity, this mockup doesn't compromise on its quality or style. Notably, it lets you place your design with one simple click, retaining the original layout while making your work shine. This makes the iPhone XR Mockup PSD a top choice for any designer seeking to create unique presentations with little effort.

Details & Features

  • Features the iPhone in perspective view
  • Allows showcasing of multiple screenshots in a single image
  • Perfect for a website portfolio
  • Device can be easily resized
  • Screen can be replaced using smart objects
  • Single-click design placement
  • 100% vector based iPhone XS Mockup

Why We Like It

The iPhone XR Mockup PSD strikes a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Its customizability and ease of use make it stand out, while the capability of showcasing multiple designs in one image adds a professional touch. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a novice, we highly recommend this product for its efficiency and engaging design.