Irregular Rounded Lines Texture Backgrounds

The package comes with ten unique vector templates, all print-ready, and of high quality.

Introducing our stylish texture background bundle, characterized by an irresistible allure of irregular, rounded line patterns. These backgrounds have been crafted to be a perfect fit for your design needs, be it the backdrop for a website, an attention-grabbing landing page, or a social media page that stands out. All background images are of high resolution, with the exact specifications reaching 4500 x 3000 pixels.

These background textures do a fantastic job of bringing in a vibrant, positive vibe to your designs. This is owed to their abstract, playful depictions of liquid flows, as well as the subtle hints of animation in the form "raindrop motions." Zero in on the intricate details, and you'll spot an exceptional halftone transition that adds a layer of depth and dynamism to whole composition.

Not only are these trendy textures designed to impress, but they are also incredibly functional. The package comes with ten unique vector templates, all print-ready, and of high quality. Moreover, thanks to their compatibility with Adobe Illustrator, you can easily tweak the colors, shapes, and line directions to match your design vision and requirements.

Details & Features

  • Each pack includes 10 vector templates
  • High resolution images at 4500 x 3000 pixels
  • Editable in Adobe Illustrator
  • Fits a variety of creative needs such as website backgrounds and landing pages
  • Vibrant, positive designs
  • Halftone transition for added depth
  • Depicts liquid flows and raindrop motions

Why We Like It

We're in awe of these rounded line texture backgrounds for their mesmerising design and practical levels of usability. They offer a quick and easy way to inject a dash of vibrance into any project while ensuring that the end result is both visually satisfying and engaging. Their flexibility, high-resolution image quality, and customization features make them an invaluable addition to any design arsenal.