Isometric Map Icon Set for Adobe XD

Isometric icon sets are increasingly becoming crucial in the creation of compelling websites and apps. An outstanding example is the Isometric Map Icon Set for Adobe XD. Designed with the trending isometric style, this set aids in generating engaging maps and navigation graphics. This package offers a significant number, 75 to be exact, of innovative map icons in convenient Photoshop PSD and PNG formats.

Each icon in this set comes with at least one object layer and one shadow layer—an ingenious way to enable customization of shadow intensity, or even to omit it entirely, based on your design needs. There's more. You can effortlessly change the color of the icons using the HUE/SATURATION feature. Plus, the content of your billboards can be edited via Smart Objects which makes the icons more versatile.

This set is effectively usable across different platforms. Be it Web, Gaming, Infographics, web design, mobile applications, portfolio websites, GUI design, Mobile Phone Applications, or Presentation; this set proves versatile and practical.

Details & Features

  • 75 isometric map icons in Photoshop PSD and PNG formats
  • Each icon has at least one object layer and one shadow layer
  • Shadow intensity can be regulated or made invisible
  • Icon colors can be changed via HUE/SATURATION
  • Billboard content can be edited via Smart Objects
  • Comprehensive PDF help file included
  • 75 single icon PSDs and 1 PSD file containing all icons

Why We Like It

In an era where compelling design dictates user interaction and engagement, the Isometric Map Icon Set offers a professional solution for websites and apps. We appreciate its versatility across different platforms, the ability to customize shadows and colors, and most importantly, its trendy isometric style which is a surefire strategy to catch attention and direct navigation.