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Juvelith Font
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The attention to detail and the breadth of character support make it universally adaptable.

Juvelith Font is a sophisticated modern-day reimagination of the timeless blackletter design, projecting an amalgamation of classic elegance and fresh charm. It is an impeccable fit for creating aesthetically pleasing logos and designs, especially for lifestyle and fashion brands. The availability of both uppercase and lowercase letters offers users versatility and convenience.

Juvelith's inspirations lie in contemporary design, ingeniously intertwined with a nod to Old English Gothic Scriptures. It's well-suited to crafting logos, movie titles, book titles, and attractive posts across social media platforms. The font, with its legibility and elegance, makes it ideal for both short and longer blocks of text. It also pairs well with sans or serif fonts for secondary text elements.

The Juvelith font is profoundly versatile, with its beauty shining through in more traditional uses or when applied to a more contemporary, minimalistic design. Its charm lies in its ability to effortlessly adapt and fit into a variety of design aesthetics, making it a valuable asset in any creative toolkit.

Details & Features

  • File formats included: OTF, TTF, WOFF, Web Fonts.
  • Supports Standard Uppercase & Lowercase letters.
  • Incorporates Numerals & Punctuation.
  • Supports Multilingual characters: ä ö ü Ä Ö Ü ß ¿ ¡.
  • Alternate & Ligature features available.
  • Font is PUA encoded.

Why We Like It

Juvelith Font captures the perfect balance between vintage charm and modern sophistication, making it incredibly versatile. The attention to detail and the breadth of character support make it universally adaptable. This font not only beautifies your design but also enhances legibility, making your message clear and visually appealing.