Katsumi Japanese Kanji Font

Katsumi Japanese Kanji Font
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Its ties to both function and heritage make it a unique asset.

Unveiling Katsumi, an elegant serif typeface deriving its inspiration from hiragana, a component of the Japanese writing system. Imbued with both refinement and versatility, this font carries a bold significance; Katsumi translates to "victorious beauty". With this typeface, each stroke ensnares elements of the Japanese culture, breathing life into your designs.

Equipped with alternates and ligatures, Katsumi raises the bar for customizable typography. The packaged alternates ensure an incredible mix-and-match capability to make your designs truly unique. Meanwhile, the thoughtful ligatures contribute to creating a connection between letters and instilling a natural look to the text.

Promising limitless possibilities, Katsumi stands as a perfect choice for any Japanese-oriented project. From brand identities to elaborate restaurant menus, movie titles to sophisticated label designs, this font is your ticket to creating a cultural impression that is sure to captivate and engage the audience.

Details & Features

  • Serif Typeface inspired by Hiragana
  • Name symbolizes "Victorious Beauty"
  • Offers Alternates and Ligatures for custom design
  • Suitable for variety of projects - branding, menu design, labels etc.
  • Supports UPPERCASE and lowercase formats
  • Includes Multilingual Support
  • Available Formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF

Why We Like It

In Katsumi, we find a font that is tastefully transcultural. Its ties to both function and heritage make it a unique asset. The alternates and ligatures give it flexibility, while its hiragana-inspired aesthetic provides an engaging visual appeal. For anyone seeking a font that marries beauty and victory, we wholeheartedly recommend Katsumi.