Kohm Modern-Vintage Font

Kohm Modern-Vintage Font
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This decision enhances the font's distinct rough quality and creates a natural, organic feel.

Kohm Modern-Vintage Font is a unique typeface that superbly blends old-time charm with innovative design, making it especially suitable for a wide range of applications, from branding modern businesses and startups to designing packaging and labels. Despite the rough vintage aesthetics, its adaptability ensures great compatibility with contemporary graphic design trends. This font stands as a perfect choice for those looking to add a hint of nostalgia to their designs while remaining current and trendy.

The Kohm font is characterized by vintage display serif typography rendering it ideally suitable for creating logos, posters, packaging, badges, and more. Emphasizing its character is the inclusion of uppercase multilingual letters, numbers, and punctuation. This allows for versatile usage whilst providing a consistent look across different languages and formats. While it leans more towards a rough design, Kohm conveys a subtle appeal when viewed from a distance and showcases interesting details upon closer inspection.

A notable feature of the Kohm Modern-Vintage Font is the deliberate omission of a clean version. This decision enhances the font's distinct rough quality and creates a natural, organic feel. When zoomed in, the intricate detailing captures one's attention, making Kohm not just a functional font but also an artistic statement.

Details & Features

  • Vintage display serif font
  • Rough aesthetic design
  • Uppercase multilingual letters
  • Included numbers and punctuation
  • Perfect for logos, posters, and packaging
  • No clean version for design consistency
  • Interestingly detailed upon closer inspection

Why We Like It

We find the Kohm Modern-Vintage Font impressive for its balance between vintage charm and contemporary versatility. Its rough aesthetic, combined with the ability to stand out in detailed viewings, creates a typeface with much character. We recommend Kohm for its unique take on vintage design, making it perfect for projects aiming to convey nostalgia while staying relatable and modern.