Kroist Experimental Font

Kroist Experimental Font
First alternate image for Kroist Experimental Font
Second alternate image for Kroist Experimental Font

Kroist is an experimental pop font that was created with the intention of breaking the rules of typographic hierarchy. The designer behind Kroist wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of typography, resulting in a unique and striking font.

Inspired by classic band posters, old records, and a desire to make a bold statement, Kroist is the perfect font for a wide range of projects. Its versatility makes it suitable for use in logos, branding, music projects, cover artwork, merchandise, apparel, clothing, fashion, movie titles, serial projects, and many more.

The font’s unique design elements give it a retro feel, evoking memories of the past while still remaining fresh and modern. The bold lines and exaggerated shapes of Kroist’s letters make it stand out, making it perfect for any project that needs to make an impression.

Features of This Font

  • Sans-serif category
  • Normal spacing
  • Simple installation

Why We Like It

Kroist is a font that breaks the mold and delivers a truly unique and striking design. Whether you’re looking to create a logo, design a poster, or make a statement with your clothing or merchandise, Kroist is the perfect choice. Its combination of classic elements and modern design makes it a font that will stand out in any project.