Kungfoo Fighter Fonts

Kungfoo Fighter Fonts
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It offers versatility for a diverse range of design needs.

Introducing our latest creative asset, the Kungfoo Fighter Fonts, a must-have for any designer's toolbox, skilfully crafted by ikiiko. Taking inspiration from Asian calligraphy, these fonts offer a bold character with distinct yet flexible curves, providing a fusion of authority and adaptability to your designs.

With a unique Asian twist, Kungfoo Fighter Fonts make an effortless impression, whether you're designing posters, food & beverage related material, quotes or adding an edgy overlay text on images. These fonts are also perfect for creating logos for communities or Asian-themed designs in magazines. The strong, yet elegant structure of the typeface ensures stand-out visuals.

The Kungfoo Fighter Fonts are more than just style and character. They offer a practical diversity with two weights, Regular and Oblique, making the typeface appropriate for a wide variety of design applications.

Details & Features

  • Two font weights: Regular and Oblique
  • Fully-fledged Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Numbers and Punctuation
  • Multilingual Support
  • Easy-to-use TTF & OTF formats
  • Compatibility with both PC & Mac

Why We Like It

We really recommend the Kungfoo Fighter Fonts because of its duality, combining ruggedness and elegance. It offers versatility for a diverse range of design needs. The Asian-inspired aesthetics give a unique flair and the accessibility features, such as multilingual support and compatibility with PC and Mac, are a big plus.