Lamberds Baseball Team Font

The font is well-suited for applications beyond logos as well.

Lamberds Baseball Team Font is a versatile typography asset designed to infuse your designing logos with an appealing retro aesthetic. Its cursive lettering and alternate character set offer an opportunity to generate one-of-a-kind logos that truly stand out. It’s a unique blend of contemporary and vintage that’s capable of creating an immediate impact.

Lambered, a distinctive bold script, gives Lamberds Baseball Team Font its distinctive flair. The font is well-suited for applications beyond logos as well. You can use it as the headline or signage font, as well as on more formal documents like invitations, labels, magazines, books, wedding cards and even on packaging design. The potential applications of this font are practically limitless, making it an invaluable asset for any design toolkit.

The Lamberds Baseball Team Font is not just versatile in application, but also caters to a multi-lingual audience. With uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, alternates/swashes, ligatures and PUA encoded, it is a truly comprehensive typography asset. To get the most out of this font, use it with a program that supports OpenType features and Glyphs panels.

Details & Features

  • Distinctive bold script
  • Retro-themed cursive lettering
  • Uppercase & lowercase letters
  • Numbers and punctuation
  • Alternate character set, swashes, ligatures
  • Multi-lingual
  • PUA encoded

Why We Like It

Lamberds Baseball Team Font offers an engaging blend of contemporary and vintage aesthetics, making your designs pop and catch the eye. Its broad applicability, ease of use, and extensive features like multilingual compatibility and a variety of characters make it a highly valuable addition to any designer's toolkit.