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Likewise Font
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It packs a punch of personality.

Likewise Font is a watercolor script font that spreads joy with every stroke. It packs a punch of personality. It's much more than just a font; it's a jolly, fun-filled typeface that embodies playfulness with an incredible charm.

Reflecting authenticity through every curve and loop, Likewise Font makes for the perfect choice for every child-centered activity or school project. This engaging font aids in effortlessly grabbing the child's attention, making learning fun and easy. It brings an element of charm to even the most ordinary text.

Whether it be a poster for the school play or a worksheet for kindergarten, Likewise font transforms the mundane into something vibrant and memorable. Getting this font is akin to unlocking a world of endless possibilities. The joy of using this font is that it keeps on giving.

Details & Features

  • Jolly, watercolor script font
  • Comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats
  • Emblems playfulness and authenticity
  • Ideal for children activities and school projects
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Easy installation
  • Great customer support

Why We Like It

In an ocean of fonts, the Likewise Font stands out for its charm and playfulness. Its watercolor aesthetic evokes a sense of joy and warmth, making it perfect for children. Its wide range of applications, easy installation, and multilingual support make it a versatile and resourceful choice. We recommend Likewise Font not just as a font, but as a tool for creating joyful experiences.