Lomocam Retro Photo Generator

Lomocam Retro Photo Generator
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A valuable gem for any photographer’s toolbox.

The Lomocam Retro Photo Generator is not just about adding vintage charm to your photos, it's a cornucopia of creative opportunities. Unleash a splash of nostalgia with 31 unique film effects and the ability to create customised Polaroid frames. Craft your visual narratives with an array of retro effects and frames all bundled in this single Photoshop action set.

Transport yourself back in time and create classic lomography effects with a contemporary twist. Harness the power of Photoshop’s snapshot feature which allows for instant switches between effects within a single play action. Layers are completely editable, ensuring you can add that personal touch to each photo. Additionally, the Lomocam does not resize images, so you won't lose any resolution, even on 100-megapixel photos.

What’s more, the Lomocam Retro Photo Generator comes with 31 free faded film effects from our popular Faded Films action set. These effects add authenticity to your photos, creating the realistic feel of Polaroids and printed photographs.

Details & Features

  • 31 unique film effects
  • Non-destructive, editable layers
  • Snapshot prerendering
  • No image resizing
  • Fully editable layers and smart filters
  • Polaroid and square frame creation

Why We Like It

In this digital age, a touch of analog magic is always refreshing. The Lomocam Retro Photo Generator elegantly reimagines the charm of yesteryears in your photos. Easy to use yet comprehensive in its offerings, it packs a nostalgic punch with its array of cool effects and frames, while retaining the integrity and quality of your images. A valuable gem for any photographer’s toolbox.