Love Story Lightroom Presets

Instructions are provided in a 'Help' text and jpg file.

The Love Story Lightroom Presets is a rich package of 30 individual presets. Each one crafted specifically for enhancing couple photographs, imbuing them with a unique summer vibe. The package includes settings for black and white effects, a retro feel, matte finishes, selfie presets and many more.

This collection is perfect for a variety of situations. Whether the setting is sunny or bright, these presets are sure to make your memorable summer moments even more vivid. Each preset is specialized to bring out the best aspects of your photographs. From 'Amazing Sunlight' to 'Warm Vignette', there's a perfect match for every love-filled moment.

The Love Story Lightroom Presets are easy to use. What you will receive is a zip file containing all 30 presets. Instructions are provided in a 'Help' text and jpg file. You'll be transforming your photographs in no time, from the closeness captured in 'Tenderness Close-up' to the bold look of 'Hard Contrast'.

Details & Features

  • 30 specialized Lightroom Presets
  • Varieties of effects: BW, retro, matte, selfie, etc.
  • Preset for multiple situations: sunny, bright, etc.
  • Preset titles: 'Amazing Sunlight', 'Warm Vignette' and more
  • Help instructions in .txt and .jpg file

Why We Like It

We highly recommend Love Story Lightroom Presets for its versatility and simplicity of use. The range of 30 presets ensures there's a perfect fit for every summer scene, maximizing the romantic potential of each photo. The presets make it easy to create professional-quality effects, which makes your photos stand out and be more memorable.