Luna Love Font

Luna Love Font
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It's not just a font, it's a tool that can dramatically enhance the mood of any product.

Introducing a spark of whimsical charm to our creative ensemble – Luna Love Font, a delightful merger of celestial inspiration and adorable display elements. Created with meticulous precision, this handwritten cursive font is an ideal ingredient to add playful exuberance to any children's product. The thoughtful inclusion of star-layered font further amplifies Luna Love's versatility to breathe life into extraordinary designs.

Available in two distinct styles - Regular and Display, Luna Love Font offers a vast canvas for creativity. Whether it’s enhancing the appeal of branding elements or making an invitation more personal and emotive, this font seamlessly blends in. It's charming impact extends to stationery, product packaging, blog design, game titles, book/cover titles, and more. This font does hold true magic!

Designed with an inherent sense of cute style, Luna Love Font does not compromise on functionality. It's versatility shines through, not just in multilingual support, but also in offering the stylistic set. Luna Love is not just a font, it’s an artful expression that resonates with its viewer.

Details & Features

  • Luna Love (.otf/.ttf)
  • Luna Love Display (.otf/.ttf)
  • Two distinct font styles: Regular and Display
  • Star layered font
  • Multilingual Support
  • Stylistic set
  • Perfect for wide range of design applications

Why We Like It

Attype Studio's Luna Love Font brilliantly combines a playful touch with design versatility. It's not just a font, it's a tool that can dramatically enhance the mood of any product. From its unique star-layered font feature to its multilingual support, its charm and functionality wins us over every time.