Mellar Toppo Font

Mellar Toppo Font
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Its fun and fresh vibe is hard to resist.

The Mellar Toppo Round is a distinctive typeface with its unusually obese layout offering a minimalist yet modern aesthetic. Its simple, rounded feel makes it ideal for a variety of designs that aim to exude a fresh, fun vibe. Whether you're designing a poster, book cover, or any form of title work—the Mellar Toppo Round might just be your go-to font.

This font comes in three variations: narrow, regular, and wide. Each of these options allows a level of customization to the typographer, providing the perfect balance between visibility and space utilization. The Mellar Toppo Round's mix of playfulness and elegance lets your design have that unique flair that is difficult to find in many fonts on the market.

All in all, Mellar Toppo Round breathes life into your creative projects with its simple yet effective design. Get ready to bring in a fresh, modern look to your designs with the charismatic and adaptable Mellar Toppo Round.

Details & Features

  • Obese font design
  • Simple, rounded aesthetic
  • Comes in narrow, regular, and wide variations
  • Perfect for poster, book cover and title designs
  • Adds a fresh, modern vibe to any design
  • Offers unique flair and character

Why We Like It

We recommend Mellar Toppo Round for its unique and modern aesthetic. Its playful design yet elegant appearance introduces a fresh look to designs and its different variations: narrow, regular, and wide, offer customization flexibility. Its fun and fresh vibe is hard to resist.