Mightype Font

Mightype Font
The bundle includes eight unique fonts enabling versatility and creativity.

Experience the genuine feel of hand-crafted designs with Mightype FontPack Handlettering. Inspired by the careful, creative letter combination of hand letterer artists on Instagram, Mightype offers a natural touch to your typographic projects. Each of the unique typefaces within Mightype is made distinct by the use of various tools like Brushes, Pencils, Drawing Pens, and Markers.

A total of eight fonts make up the Mightype package, each one perfectly complementing the others. This curated selection of typefaces facilitates the creation of various design projects, ranging from posters and logos, to clothing design, digital lettering, and even wedding invitations. Thanks to Mightype, connecting with your audience through the warm, authentic feel of hand-made design has never been easier.

Mightype not only offers diverse fonts, but it also provides a bonus of over 240 hand-sketched elements to complete your design bundle. These handy graphic packs are available in Ai (Adobe Illustrator), EPS, and Photoshop formats, providing a phenomenal resource for designers seeking to enhance their creative toolkit.

Details & Features

  • Handmade feel
  • Inspired by Instagram hand-letterer artists
  • Consists of 8 distinct fonts
  • Useful for a diverse range of projects
  • Includes over 240 hand-sketched extras
  • Available in Ai, EPS, and Photoshop formats
  • Authentic, warm design appeal

Why We Like It

We recommend Mightype for its authenticity and tangible touch, a quality that allows designs to stand out in an era of digitalization. The bundle includes eight unique fonts enabling versatility and creativity. Furthermore, the additional hand-sketched elements provide a bonus that can further enrich your designs.