Mike Sans Font

Mike Sans Font
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Mike Sans features a square design with rounded edges that gives it a modern and attractive look, making it perfect for designing posters, website hero scenes, and blog post titles. The font is also available in multiple font weights, ranging from thin and extra-light to extra-bold and heavy, giving designers the flexibility to mix and match different styles to create unique and eye-catching designs.

In addition to its design, Mike Sans also offers a high level of readability. This makes it a great choice for use in the body text as well as headlines and titles. The font’s clean and simple design makes it easy to read even at smaller font sizes.

Features of This Font

  • OpenType format
  • Sans-serif category
  • Glyphs included
  • Available in 8 weights – Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Book, Regular, Bold, ExtraBold, Heavy

Why We Like It

Mike Sans is a great font for designers looking for a versatile and modern display font that can be used in a variety of design projects. The font’s bold design and multiple font weights make it ideal for use in posters and other print materials, while its clean and modern aesthetic makes it perfect for use on websites and other digital platforms.