Modern Desktop Computer Mockup

Modern Desktop Computer Mockup
It's all-in-one feature adds to its uniqueness, convenience and practicality.

This Modern Desktop Computer Mockup significantly enhances the way you exhibit your work. Adored for its contemporary and refined complexion, it's multipurpose, well suited to demonstrating projects to clients, conceptualizing website headers, and more. It's a genuine game changer, adding an elegant and stylish touch to your work.

The Mockup is accessible as a PSD file, coupled with smart objects to exponentially simplify substitutions and variations, allowing you to comfortably make this template your own, whilst maintaining its original charm and sophistication. All in all, it offers ease of use, whilst maximizing your output's aesthetic appeal.

The Desktop Mockup Template is specially tailored for your website, products, shop, and any graphic presentations that necessitate Adobe Photoshop CS5+. It's all-in-one feature adds to its uniqueness, convenience and practicality. It's the perfect tool to robustly showcase intensive graphics and eye-catching designs.

Details & Features

  • Desktop Mockups Template
  • Easy to Edit
  • Smart Object support
  • Organised and labeled layers
  • High-resolution image
  • Nondestructive, editable effects.
  • Removable background

Why We Like It

Everyone at our team has quickly become enthralled by the Modern Desktop Computer Mockup. Besides being customizable and easy-to-use, it conveys a unique sense of style and sophistication seldom seen in the industry. It has something for everyone, and effortlessly enhances the visual appeal of any project.