Modern Gift Card Mockup

Modern Gift Card Mockup
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This versatile asset keeps its procedures simple as well.

This Modern Gift Card Mockup is the perfect tool for graphic designers and marketers. With its high-resolution and different views, it brings to life a variety of designs. This versatile asset keeps its procedures simple as well. Its automated smart objects allow for seamless changes in the design of the gift card.

Users can easily work on intricate details with the depth of field PS action, focusing on the structure and the materialistic aspects of the design. To enhance the mockup, additional features like adding a design to the background texture or even modifying the shadow, adds to the customization of the gift card.

The Mockup has infinite possibilities for creating unique designs. It caters to a variety of themes from light and colorful designs to the stark contrasts in dark and complex art. Utilizing Adobe CS4+, graphic designers can explore unrestricted variations with this versatile tool, which allows them to sculpt the perfect gift cards.

Details & Features

  • High-resolution with 3800x2800px
  • Smart Objects to change gift card designs
  • Included sample design with editable text layers
  • Changeable background texture and color
  • Works well for both light and dark designs
  • Depth of Field PS action for design details
  • Moveable objects and separated shadows
  • Unlimited customizable features and variations
  • Incorporates six photoshop files with different views
  • Included Textures and Layerstyles like Embossed, Letterpress, and Foil Stamp

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Modern Gift Card Mockup because it's user-friendly and highly flexible. With its diverse features and unlimited customization, it provides opportunities for endless creativity. The distinct layer styles add a touch of sophistication to any design. This tool, with its advanced features, proves to be crucial for any designer wanting to elevate their gift card designs.