Modern Interior Lightroom Presets

Modern Interior Lightroom Presets
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The package also comes with a help text and jpg file.

Make your real estate property stand out with an alluring modern look using these versatile lightroom presets. Enhancing contemporary interior photos, these presets provide 20 distinct effects to bring out an organic and subtle ambiance. They are designed to significantly improve photos taken under diverse lighting conditions and are particularly suitable for enhancing images of apartment and hotel interiors.

The Modern Interior Lightroom Presets provides a comprehensive collection of 20 different presets tailored to suit a range of situations from low light environments, bright interior atmospheres to hotel rooms. Upon purchase, you would receive a Zip File that contains 20 Lightroom Preset files. The package also comes with a help text and jpg file. They are compatible with various supported file formats including RAW / NEF / DNG, JPG, TIFF.

Each preset within the collection imparts a unique character and mood to photographs. Some of them include Interior 1, which gives a matte style, Interior 2 and 3 that imbue a loft style. Others such as Interior 4 add bright contrast while Interior 5 gives a clean style.

Details & Features

  • 20 Unique Lightroom Presets
  • Applicable for diverse lighting conditions
  • Compatible with RAW/NEF/DNG, JPG, TIFF formats
  • Help txt and jpg included
  • Interior presets for varying styles (matte, loft, bright contrast, etc.)
  • Easy to use and install

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Modern Interior Lightroom Presets for it's versatility and specificity. Each preset accentuates certain photo aspects, making it perfect for photographers wanting to highlight their interior shots' various elements. Moreover, the ease of use and installation makes it a valuable tool regardless of the user's experience level.